The Disappearance of Flight 370


First let me say our prayers and thoughts are with the families of the missing passengers from the Malaysian Flight 370. This must be an unimaginably difficult time with the uncertainty of the whole situation. I hope and pray that answers are forthcoming soon to ease your suffering.

Now, that being said, as an ex-Air Traffic Controller, I have some questions about the whole situation. There are things that just don’t add up and just don’t make sense.

The first major fact is that, as of this writing, the plane and its passengers have been missing for 13 days. At this point, the plane HAS TO BE on the ground. Whether it was a landing or an impact, the plane cannot still be in the air. I mean seriously, it could have held only so much fuel. Second, if there was an impact the Emergency Locator would be sending a signal that would be picked up. We have all kinds of satellites and technological capabilities to hear a gnat sneeze in the wind, so if there was a signal, somebody somewhere should be hearing it.

So lets say the aircraft landed somewhere. There are circumstances that would rule out it landing in rural, undeveloped areas. Runways are stressed for the weight of aircraft. An aircraft of that size and weight couldn’t land on a short undeveloped strip in some small airport. The plane would sink into the ground from the weight. I’m thinking a huge, missing aircraft sunk in the ground would attract attention and with the internet, cell phone cameras, etc, we would know where it is.

So at this point, it’s unlikely it’s still in the air. It is also unlikely that it crashed unless it was vaporized to dust, and unlikely that it is in a farmers pasture or small local airport.

This only leaves three options. Either it has landed at a major airport and there is some major political implications that could bring about war if it is divulged – but this begs the question of why absolutely no one discovering it has taken pictures or none of the passengers making contact with loved ones.


There was some accidental or intentional vaporizing of the craft. This would explain no wreckage but would not explain why there was no reported sight or sound verification of such an event.


Some unexplainable phenomenon has occurred such as aliens, wormholes or top secret military experiment has caused the disappearance and it will not be confirmed to prevent worldwide panic.

The great fictional character Sherlock Holmes used to say that “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

This may be one of those cases where world authorities are hoping that over time our attention will be diverted and we will forget about the plane and its passengers. But that is impossible. Another impossibility is that no one knows what happened to Flight 370. Eliminating those two facts, we know that someone, somewhere knows what happened.

So when you add up all the impossibilities here’s what you have:

Fact: The fuel tank is limited.
Impossible: For the jet to fly forever on one tank of fuel.

Fact: If the plane crashes, an ELT signal should be transmitting.
Impossible: For no one to hear or detect the signal.

Fact: The size of the plane prevents it from landing, without getting stuck, in a small airport.
Impossible: For a huge plane to be intact on the ground and no one knows it.

Let’s just hope we find out something close to the truth, no matter how improbable, and that it comes to light soon.